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​Don't You Have Better Things To Do Then ​Worry About Your Debts?

W​elcome to ​the fastest way to ​consolidate your debts into one single lower repayment and protect yourself from repossession and blacklistings

elcome to ​the fastest way to ​consolidate your debts into one single lower repayment and protect yourself from repossession and blacklisting

Struggling with your monthly debt repayments? We can assist!

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    We help you consolidate your debts into one single smaller monthly repayment
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    We enable you to cover your essential living costs while still clearing your debt and repairing your credit score
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    ​Get immediate protection from creditors and any legal action such as repossession and blacklisting
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    ​​You no longer need to deal with creditors ​directly and blacklisted persons are welcome to apply
elcome to the first service created specifically to help South African women take control of their de
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​We take care of everything so you can live life!

Get Immediate Debt Relief By Requesting Your FREE Debt Consultation Below

Our team of debt experts use their professional experience to negotiate with your creditors for an improved, consolidated, repayment plan that is drastically reduced.

Includes Income Rescue Plan Not Available Anywhere Else:

  • Retrenchment Cover - Debt installments are covered for up to ​12 months while ​looking for new job
  • ​Death Cover - ​Your debt gets settled in the event of your death and does not become a burden on your family
  • Maternity Benefit - Debt installments are covered for up to 3 months while on maternity leave
  • Critical Illness & Permanent Disability - We’ll settle your debt so you can focus on your own wellbeing


"Dear Maggie, I spoke to Annaline and she was of great help just like you. She explained everything to me and I am happy to say I can finally breathe again. Again thank you, I just want to finish off my debts, and be debt free."

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Find out if you qualify:

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    You are over-indebted and struggling to keep up with your current debt commitments
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    You are concerned about possible future repossession, blacklistings or further legal action
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    ​You ​are 100% committed to improving your quality of life by dealing with your debts
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    You don't want to worry about what happens if you cannot afford to pay your debts for some reason in the future (like retrenchment)
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    ​You want a debt expert to handle your debts for you so you can get ​back to living your life stress free
DebtSafe helped me when I did not know where to get help anywhere.” Cornelius

Is this a loan?

No, our program is not a loan and is the safer choice to consolidate debt.

It works through the NCR approved debt review process and has many advantages over loans

Consolidation loans might seem like a great option but in the end, they add to your debt worries.

Consolidation loans only add more debt through another loan and usually have very high-interest rates and expensive admin fees, costing your more in the long run.

Additionally, consolidation loans do not offer you any legal protection against creditors.

Other Benefits

critical expenses covered

A professional budget for your household’s expenses including a consolidated repayment plan to keep you on track

extra cover

Added-value cover against Retrenchment, Maternity Leave, Disability, Death and Identity Theft with our Income Rescue Tool.

blacklisting protection

We can help you even if you are blacklisted and you will then be protected from any further legal action​ in the future

​We do not offer any loans. This is a debt review service. Section 86 of the national credit act 34 of 2005 entitles an over-indebted consumer to apply at a registered debt counsellor to be placed under debt review, which is a government created managed service, called Debt Counselling. ​All fees are fixed and regulated by the NCR. Click here for fee guidelines.

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